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  • Family Friendly

Exit Glacier Hike

Private, Guided Hiking Tour

Trip Details

2 Guests Per person
3 Guests Per person
4 - 6 Guests Per person
Parties of more than 6, please call to book.

Take our Exit Glacier Half Day Hike

Kenai Fjords National Park was created to protect the unique landscape of the Harding Icefield: a 700 square mile reservoir of ice high in the mountains of the Kenai Peninsula. As the only road-accessible glacier pouring forth from the icefield, Exit Glacier is a popular destination for tourists and scientists alike.

Embark on an adventure through time as you approach the Exit Glacier area, keeping an eye out for man-made and natural signs of this well-documented glacial retreat. Learn how to read the rugged landscape, what the changes here mean for ecosystems past and present, and how they inform our future as well.

We’ll hike along the banks of the roaring glacial outflow towards the perpetually changing face of the glacier. As we wander through cottonwoods, alders, and eventually out onto rugged rocky terrain, the landscape seemingly changes before our eyes.

This tour will explore why glaciers in this area are sensitive to the changing climate, how the flora & fauna are adapting and why these changes matter to us today. It’s a great hike for families and guests searching for a meaningful way to explore and learn about this popular area.