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a man standing in front of a mountain


Mountains have always had a gravitational pull for Hannah, beginning in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she grew up, largely outdoors and often covered in mud. After exploring many mountain ranges from the Andes to the Alps, you’ll now find her running up and down mountains in fjord country, savoring the ridges and alpine zones of the peaks in her backyard of Seward. With a BA in Environmental Science from Colby College, Hannah feels that one of the most important ingredients for effective conservation is a deep connection to the natural world. That sense of love, appreciation, and respect for wild places is what motivates us to fight for it. Hannah is excited to share with you her passion for lacing up her shoes and hitting the trail, as well as her curiosity about the dynamic relationship between humans and the environment.

a woman standing in front of a mountain


Claire grew up in the great outdoors and spent her college years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, advocating for the environment. She focused her studies on environmental justice and sustainability. After spending time in the Swiss Alps with the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy, researching the benefits of sustainable cities, Claire decided it was time to speak on behalf of the natural world and began working in the outdoor industry. She spent time as an outdoor educator and eventually a sea kayak guide. Today, you can find Claire in the great outdoors brainstorming ways to protect the wild places that still exist. These brainstorming sessions often include a cup of coffee, trail running shoes, and good company.

a woman wearing a hat


“I live, work, and play on Indigenous land. This place and the Alaska Native stewards of this place have given us so much. The grand power of natural forces actively shaping and carving out physical space have carved out people, culture, and history in their wake. I am privileged that I have the opportunity to use my voice to try to protect those natural forces and the living things that benefit from them. To work in service of those most impacted by climate change; to create an inclusive and just future; these are the products of the lessons Alaska has taught me.”

a person wearing a uniform


Have you ever felt the magical feeling of being beyond your regular routine, when the world feels filled with wonder and possibility? Joe is WAY into that feeling and he’s been finding it through a life in the outdoors. After earning a degree in Adventure Education he spent seven years in Southern California training young leaders and directing a non-profit summer camp/outdoor education facility outside of San Diego. After spending a few years guiding for Kayak Adventures here in Seward, Joe was motivated to bring his love for the mountains and education to the Seward Wilderness Collective. For Joe, that magical feeling is best when shared and he’s excited about finding ways to share it with you!

Trent Gould


Trent considers himself a grand generalist who enjoys windy hikes, trail runs through old spruce forests, empty surf breaks at sunrise and reading the New York Times with a fresh cup of coffee. After finishing his degree in Outdoor Education and Wilderness Leadership he moved to Alaska and has had the opportunity to guide in this area for the past 8 years. He believes the Collective has an opportunity to be an influential leader within the tourism industry and is proud to be a part of this movement. He looks forward to sharing stories, hearing your thoughts and inspiring hope through purposeful exploration of this wild, beautiful, and fragile place we call home.

a man wearing a hat and a mountain in the background


Since arriving in Seward back in 2015, Garrett has realized you don’t have to pick a favorite between the ocean, the rainforest or the mountains, when you can find them all in one incredible place! He has led youth leadership programs with an emphasis on education and sustainable living while developing a passion for storytelling through photography. Guiding in this geologically dynamic and ecologically diverse region has given him even more reason to pursue a life of facilitating connections to wild places with others. He hopes that together we can discover how the power to make a difference lies within our community, and he’s stoked to go exploring with you!