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Global warming is one of the greatest threats – and opportunities – of the 21st century. The mission of Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication is to advance the science of climate change communication, help leaders communicate more effectively, and increase the public’s understanding of climate risks and opportunities. The Collective has turned to this program and its founders to help develop our purposeful programming in hopes to share it with other tourism operators hoping to develop their climate change communication.

Check out their “Climate Connections” radio shorts for creative climate solutions already being implemented around the world!

“Feeling like you can’t make a difference? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s where to begin and how to amplify your efforts to make lasting change in the world.”

This is your personal guide to climate action! An amazing resource from our conservation minded friends at the Audubon Society.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks and the International Arctic Research Center recently published a 2019 report, explaining trends from sea ice melt to animal migrations. A compilation of observations, “This effort is by no means comprehensive, but serves to highlight the monumental shifts occurring in our state.”

These organizations are “providing individuals, Alaska businesses, communities, government, and others with the resources needed to better assess impacts and develop adaption strategies.”

Easy to read and full of impressive visuals for quick understanding, this guide will give you a detailed understanding of the latest climate impacts in Alaska.