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“Why is no one talking about climate change?”

That is the question we’ve heard year after year guiding in Alaska. Guests who have traveled thousands of miles to experience this place want to engage, learn, and connect in a purposeful and meaningful way. The Collective formed to offer private hiking tours that provide travelers with the opportunity to have important conversations about climate change, learn firsthand about the ways our surroundings alert us to global patterns, and discuss how together we can make a difference in the climate narrative of the 21st century.

At our core is our love for the mountains. We relish sharing the fjords, glaciers, and vistas of our backyard with visitors. We also recognize that if we are going to bring people into our wild places, it’s our responsibility to talk about the changes we are seeing.

Alaska, the state that’s considered ground zero for climate change, provides tangible examples of trends that are having enormous impacts nationwide and even worldwide. The Collective is a platform to explore both the magic of this landscape and the dialogue that accompanies this rapidly changing place. Through the Collective, we strive to find hope, spread ideas, inspire action, and make climate communication part of our everyday lives. We invite you to join us!