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Caines Head Overnight

Multi Sport Adventure

Trip Details

2 Guests Per person
3 Guests Per person
4 - 6 Guests Per person

The best of Resurrection Bay in one adventure

To paddle, or to hike? People come from all over the world to experience the power of the ocean and the majesty of the mountains.With our Caines Head Overnight, you can choose both. From along the coast of Resurrection Bay to high above it, two full days spent in the Alaskan back country provides a true fjordland excursion.

The kayak from Lowell Point to Caines Head showcases the wonders of the fjord. Keep an eye out for harbor seals, sea otters, Steller’s sea lions, bald eagles, and more as we paddle down the coast.

From the rocky beach, hike up through a fairytale spruce forest of moss-decorated giants. After breaking treeline, gaze out over the barrier islands at the head of the bay and beyond, into the open Gulf of Alaska.

Learn about both the marine ecosystem and the equally fragile alpine habitat, where we’ll continue for even farther-reaching vistas if time permits. With cooperative weather, observe the glaciers pouring from the Harding Icefield, and gain a better understanding of the ice cycle and how it is changing.


  • Hike AND kayak! Or substitute the paddle for a wildlife viewing boat ride
  • Travel the bay in the most intimate way on your way to your campsite
  • Climb gradually from sea level to the alpine ridges overlooking Resurrection Bay
  • Spend two days in the remote backcountry where the mountains meet the fjords