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  • Family Friendly

Resurrection Bay

Private, Guided Hiking Tour

Trip Details

2 Guests Per person
3 Guests Per person
4 - 6 Guests Per person
Parties of more than 6, please call to book.

Hike through coastal rainforest to Tonsina Point

Explore, discover, and learn on this family-friendly, half-day hiking tour. We will follow a meandering trail through temperate rainforest on the western shore of the fjord. As we head south, our surroundings become wilder, and we’ll take a closer look at the plants, animals, and habitats that make up this rich ecosystem.

Along the way, we’ll stop for photos, berry-tastings, and signs of how this landscape was created by glaciers of the past. At Tonsina Creek, an important spawning stream for salmon come late July/early August, an impressive bridge allows passage to Tonsina Point, which holds several more options for exploring.

Depending on the day, we may go tidepooling, explore the beach and mudflats, or delve deeper into the forest ecosystem, where moss drips from the branches of hundred-foot tall spruce trees. When we emerge from the towering trees onto the rocky shore, we’ll be granted spectacular views of Resurrection Bay.


  • Explore Alaska’s coastal temperate rainforest
  • Reach Tonsina Point for views across Resurrection Bay
  • Stop for a snack at a remote beach